Stop what you’re doing!
We’re looking for pretty damn good interns keen to learn from our Pretty Damn Good team.

As the uni holidays draw closer, we know many university students are starting to look for things to do to kickstart their careers. You know that experience you’re required to have before being able to actually get experience? This is where you’ll get it.

From SEO to social media, right through to logos and brand development, this internship has you covered.

Interested? Make sure you’re available at least one day a week, for 8 weeks starting June 4th, 2018.

Here’s the catch: We don’t want just anyone. We have a small, close-knit team that thrives on deadlines, pushing one another to be the best versions of themselves. We have a strict Good Vibes policy and mean it when we say we want to teach you everything we know.

Think you have what it takes? Step forward and claim your place! Email
Yep, shit just got real!

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll cover in our digital marketing internship:

  • Building a Brand: Conceptualisation
  • Platforms: How to choose a digital home for your brand
  • Channeling your message: A guide to modern web surfing
  • Audience Modeling and PPC
  • Advertising & ROI
  • SEO: The Long Game
  • A Community That Cares: Closing The content loop
  • Reporting and ROI