Weeks of planning, endless calls with Fairwork Australia to cross t’s and dot i’s, and a few interviews later, the Inaugural Pretty Damn Good Internship has started.

Over the next few weeks, interns from universities around Brisbane will be taught the ins and outs of the digital marketing world.

Kicking things off, Ellie and Taylah joined our team today for their very first day of learning with us (no pressure, people).

We’re not sure who was more excited – our team, or our fresh-faced new interns.

Since an internship is all about, well, the interns, we thought we’d give them what they’re really after – internet fame (how millennial?).

“Very informative and productive first day. There appears to be plenty of space for individual creativity and I am looking forward to learning and experiencing brand creation! The amount of coffee available in the kitchen is also very exciting!” ~ Ellie “Exciting first day! Was quite intimidated at first but am eager to see how my ideas grow. Loving the cookie jar in the kitchen, someone will need to keep them out of my reach before I eat them all.” ~ Taylah

Over the next few weeks we’ll be unpacking the fundamentals of creating, and launching a brand. We can’t wait to see what they come up with, and how they challenge what we think is cool!