Our interns, Ellie and Tay, are back this week running through choosing a platform for a brand. In a mobile-first age, structuring a digital presence with the user’s experience in mind is crucial.

Week one was all about developing a corporate identity for a brand – a name, tone of voice, target audience, even content pillars. This week we took things a step further.

We ran through how to approach a new website, what to consider and how to pick marketing channels. We chatted about the importance of considering where your audience is, rather than being on every social media platform purely for the sake of it and when, for example, Twitter would be better than Facebook.

To put their findings into practice, our internship team have each been given carte blanche to develop a fictional brand, which they’ll be fleshing out over their time with us.

Here’s what Ellie had to say:

Today I developed a clearer understanding of where I want to take my brand. It was interesting to browse through some very creative and fluid websites… and some not so great ones. The importance of a user-friendly platform is evident and I have taken notes on the most effective for which I will hopefully be able to apply when I develop my own!

Tay got to put her creative skills to the test:

I’ve been able to use my creative side when designing a logo and working on the website which has helped me to work out the direction I want to take my brand. It’s become clear why certain websites work and others do not and I also have a stronger understanding of how to choose which social media platforms would best suit a brand.

Note: The Pretty Damn Good internship program is an unpaid learning opportunity. The aim is to give students the opportunity to put their studies to the test in the real world, with data, tools & team to back it all up. To find out more about it, please email rob@prettydamngood.com.au